education and the elephant

what's the problem?

While Indians dominate the technology scene around the world, there is a growing concern around the alarming state of science education in Indian schools. While India has attained almost 98% school enrollment in the past two decades, students lag behind dramatically in scientific skills necessary to thrive in a technology-driven economy. According to a recent Brookings Institution report, at the current pace, it would take 100 years for the scientific skills of an average student in India to catch up to that of an average student in a developed country today.

What we do

The mass education system in India is extremely short of well qualified teachers. As a country, we are facing a shortage of more than a million teachers. As illustrated in a number of published reports the learning levels in Indian schools are much lower than schools in other countries. The mission of the organisation is to ensure that India’s schools get the well-trained Science and Mathematics teachers they deserve. Science for All Foundation strives to achieve this in two ways:

  • Select and train highly motivated undergraduates and graduates to teach in low-income schools
  • Train and support existing teachers with pedagogical and technological inputs